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23, toronto based pouty baby/photographer .

i’ve had a fucked up and undermining day. like, really fucked up.

I just need to like buckle down and stack some cash so i can leave toronto

a girl at mcdonalds at 3am stopped me and asked if i was michelle whitchurch and i was like “uhhhh yeahhhh…” because no one calls me michelle  and she told me i am a cool photographer

if youre that girl thank you for making me feel really nice

thank you for validating me without fucking me

u rule, sorry i awkwardly scuttled away

Radiation burn scars, Hiroshima, 1945.

how do you find validation outside of sex

i am scared of the things im doing

it’s my last day in new york :’( i got to hang with so many cool people, and do cool things.

i feel pretty good/goal oriented about returning to toronto. I’m going to work on my hustle. I gotta make$450 before the 1st, then like $2000 in august so i can get a new apartment

also have to book shoots/do them.

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